4 Fitness Ideas for Busy Moms

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Maintaining a workout routine is difficult for the best of us. But it’s only a wonder when moms are able to find time for taking care of themselves between caring for the kids, attending to their office work, running the household, and many other things they find themselves shouldering on a daily basis. If you too are letting your busy schedule get in the way of your ‘You Time’, then read on to find out how you can stay fit even with all the other responsibilities.

Make the Most of the Playground If you take the kids out to the playground regularly, make the most of your time there to sweat it out. Take a brisk walk around the playground. Use the picnic table to do push-ups, step-ups and dips. Even better, play with them! Play tag, hoop, or even tackle the obstacle course with the kids. They make the best workout partners, since they don’t tire easily.

Chalk It In When it’s on the schedule, you’re more likely to hit the gym or a yoga class. Rely on your partner or family to take care of the kids and household chores at that time, so you can go for a run without feeling guilty. A support system is absolutely crucial. They will also encourage and motivate you to stick to the plan.

Workout While You’re Waiting Waiting for the laundry to get done? Waiting to pick up your child from ballet class? Put that phone down, and get moving. Keep a couple of weights in your laundry room, so you can exercise those biceps, triceps and shoulders. Take a quick walk around the block. You have to sneak in workout whenever possible. And there’s a lot you can do in ten minutes. Look up some high-intensity interval training (HIIT) online and use the in-between time to your advantage.Share the Workload You can always find like-minded moms who are more than happy to pick up your kids from school when you hit the gym – provided you return the favor, of course. Figure out chunks of time in your week where another mom from school can cover for you, while you work out, and vice versa. This is also a great motivation during the low energy days.Are you a super-mom, too? How do you manage to squeeze in exercise and self-care in your busy schedule?About ShaliniShaliniShalini loves the allure of an unplanned day. After a series of high-strung jobs in communication and advertising, eventually leading to a burnout, she now takes pleasure in the small things in life, like cold winter mornings and hot cups of coffee. She’s a fan of all things upcycled – a trait that she’s picked up from her darling grandmother. Holistic health and personal growth form her definition of wellness.

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