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Amy honored by the Muhammad Ali Center

I’m so humbled to be honored by the Ali Center! What a thrill to be in the same sentence as Muhammad Ali whom I’ve loved and admired my entire life.


Almost 💯 with Amy and Chuck

Join Amy and Chuck as they discuss almost everything with lots of conviction and everything is almost 💯 researched. Episode 1: Nabataean Shark Filled Toilets >>>


Christina Casserta
Spotlight Pictures

Too Big to Fail

Erin Callan
HBO Films

Third Watch

Alex Taylor
Warner Bros

  • 2004 Won Western Heritage Awards
  • 1998 Nominated Daytime Emmy Awards
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    Tonight Is The Night

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    Love being with my dear friend Rhonda Ross celebrating HoG helping homeless women and children for 24 years!!!! The annual gala raises money to support this crucial organization for homeless...

    Join ‘Hearts Of Gold’ Gala

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    click here Come join @TheRhondaRoss and I as we host the annual 'HeartsofGoldNYC' gala! November 7th ©AmyCarlson, Twitter

    My Daughter’s ME Story

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    by Amy J. Mooney My daughter is 13 years old and has been home bound for almost 4 years with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. She is in bed 99% of her day...

    From the Talmud

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    Today was the deadliest attack on Jewish People in the USA in American history. From the Talmud: a sacred Jewish text. Despair is not an option. We must continue to...