Help Figgy!

By July 7, 2018Activism, Donations

Poor Figgy was hit by a car and the driver took off! Her surgery will cost $2k. Please help Figgy’s owner to fund Figgy’s surgery.
Thank you!

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Stephanie Kuennen saw an orange cat get hit by a car on Court Street on Sunday afternoon around 1pm. The cat got hit and then ran towards a house and disappeared. The car that hit him, just went on. Not knowing who the cat belonged too, Stephanie contacted, Amylia as she lived right by where the cat was hit. Stephanie believed maybe she may know who the cat belonged too and could contact them to let them know or maybe it ran to her backyard, after it got hurt. Amylia said she had an orange cat, and could not find hers. Amylia went out and searched around her home and found poor Figgy, in her neighbor’s yard, in the weeds, scared and alone, and injured. He would have been left to die, if no one would have found him. Amylia and Figgy, have been through alot. This is a cat whom she adopted in Taiwan, when she lived there for a bit. They’ve been through a ton and Amylia can’t imagine life without him, and is feeling completely helpless right now. She took Figgy to the vet on Sunday. She has him on pain meds, but he is completely unable to walk. He needs hip surgery to completely recover which will cost $2000+. Amylia is a sweet lady, going through a lot. She has a small child at home, is going through a divorce, and just recently had her basement flooded with water, with repair bills for that beyond reach. She’s had a ton of expenses that she can’t afford, and then this on top of all of that. Sometimes there is not a lot we can do to help out neighbors, but this is something we can help with. Let’s show her our communities love and generosity and help her with this one thing that we CAN do for her, her daughter, and for her sweet Figgy. Any amount helps get us closer to the goal, and helps her with stress in this one area of her life. Thank you so much for your consideration and support.