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It’s spring! Play ball!
Back to coaching #girlssoftball and I love it. Coaching these young, fierce and competitive women is inspiring. Let the games begin. #girlssoftballrocks #girlssoftballteam Game 1 win. But I focus on ROOTS. #respect for #RULES #opponents #officials #team #SELF #playball

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My current #happyplace.
My second season coaching 11-12 year old girls softball and it is continues to be an awesome experience.
These gals are fearless, persistent, up for any challenge and most of all kind and encouraging to one another. Here is the team giving each other shout outs after our first loss this season. They know we learn from losses and they were gracious and humbled but not a bit discouraged. They accepted their shortcomings from that one game and next game they’ll be better. They inspire me. They don’t know this but they are coaching me most days.
Go #Unicorns! #girlssoftball #girlssoftballteam #girlssoftballrocks

© Amy Carlson; Instagram