Office Romance
Founded in 2012

Band Members
Syd Butler
Seth Jabour
Amy Carlson

Record Label
Frenchkiss Records

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It’s on the way!

Our new album #holidaysoflove will be released October 2nd! You can hear the first track- link in bio! Can’t wait for you to hear the whole album!

Magic in the Air – sung by yours truly.

Q&A: Office Romance

Seth talked to ‘CULTURE’ Magazine about holiday songs + medicinal marijuana (!)

©CULTURE Magazine

“There are certain things you have to put in a song. You have to put in a glockenspiel and sleigh bells and certain things that make it sound holiday-ish. We tried to make something fresh and new, but we also had to respect the history of the holiday song.”

©SydButler, NPR Music

“We started to connect to the holiday songs that we’ve loved forever in a different way because it’s such a challenge to be so succinct and connect to so many people. I think that by creating our own, we realized that it’s much more challenging than you think to write lyrics that speak to everyone.”

©AmyCarlson, NPR Music


I Love The Holidays

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1 I Love the Holidays
2 Holidays Aren’t the Same Without You
3 Twinkling Lights

Twinkling Lights